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     Love Me When I'm Gone
   This memorial website is in loving memory of Brandon "Burg" Owens who was born to be a joy on December 26, 1981 and went to be an angel on February 01, 2005 at the age of 23.
 He will forever be in our hearts. "The Light shines in the darkness..." John 1:5.
    Brandon was not only a son and brother, but he was also our best friend and hero. He lived life with no worries and lived everyday like it might be his last, maybe he knew more than we did. He knew how to make us laugh and taught us how to not take life so seriously.  He had a nickname or a joke for everyone he met and was a friend to everyone. He knew how to make any situation better, and if he gave you his word, you knew he would make it happen. To know Brandon was to know an angel and a loving person who saw the good in everything and everyone. He loved God and serving God while he was here with us. Nothing ever held him back, the sky was the limit. And now that he is an angel, the physical limits that sometimes held him back are nothing but raindrops he left behind. He had to leave his family and a world of friends who miss him more than words can ever say but we all know he will be there to greet us with a smile, those adorable dimples, and a big ol' hug when we get to see him again.
    Brandon was a 2000 graduate of John I. Burton High School and attended Mountain Empire College. He wanted to be an art teacher and a tattoo artist. Brandon's loves in his life were his pitbull dog Kane, his friends and family, customizing his Honda Accord, car shows, tattoos, music, fishing,the water, model cars and drawing.
    He fought a long and courageous battle until God brought him home. Our hearts find peace in knowing he is now an angel guiding our paths but we ache just to hear his sweet laugh or feel his warm hugs.

      "Perhaps they are not stars in the sky but, rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy."  -Eskimo Legend


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Tributes and Condolences
Always  / Sis
Another Year!   / NinaBeana (Grandmother)
Brandon, 12 years today since you got your wings and went to Heaven with that beautiful smile! 12 years! Some times it seems so long ago and other times it is like yesterday. Your niece, Sienna at 9 years of age, reminds everyone of you. You...  Continue >>
Another Year   / NinaBeana Emersha (GrandMother)
Brandon, my Eldest Grandson, you have been in Heaven eleven years today, a long eleven years for those of us here on Earth. I have heard "The pain will go away; he is in a better place; he is not in pain anymore;" all the things people who have not...  Continue >>
Sweet Memories   / NinaBeana
Today, ten years ago, your family gathered at your bedside to be with you as you began your journey to Heaven, your home for eternity. You left us with a beautiful smile as we all recited your favorite prayer. You are still loved and missed by famil...  Continue >>
missing you   / Mom
I miss you as much today as I have for the past 10 years my heart aches for the sound of your voice and those wonderful hugs I love you child
And God Said.....  / Diane Cassidy- Angel Mom-Katie     Read >>
My sweet sweet son  / Roberta Owens (Mother)    Read >>
Sweet Memories  / NinaBeana Enershaw (Grandmother)    Read >>
Remembering You  / NinaBeana Emershaw (Grandmoher)    Read >>
Another Year  / Nina Beana Emershaw (Grandmother)    Read >>
Missing You Still  / Nina Calhoun (Maternal Grandmother )    Read >>
Remembering You  / Nina Calhoun (Grandmother)    Read >>
Your were gone too soon  / Mom     Read >>
Today / Mom     Read >>
Remembering you  / Nina (Grandmother)    Read >>
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His legacy
Thank you little buddy  

"If you have made another person on this earth smile, your life has been worthwhile."  -Sr. Mary Christelle Macaluso

Thanks for making us smile  
I'm thinking of you today and of how much you mean to me and to everyone who knows you.
You have a reputation for being thoughtful and kind, patient and understanding.
Your gift for making others smile has touched so many lives in so many beautiful ways.

I'm thinking of you today, as I so often do, and hoping to learn from you...
hoping that someday I can make other people's lives richer the way you do, hoping to be able to melt someone's frown and replace it with a smile the way you can.

I'm thinking of you today...with respect, admiration, and a very special smile.
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Little man
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